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Dear Church and Worship Leaders,

Jesus had very little time, only three adult years for ministry: recruit, teach and make disciples.  How precious and important was time on earth to Him.  His charge and mission was to ensure that the Father’s message and will was to be done.  In question, is the primary message and will of God delivered by Jesus lost, buried and/or over shattered.  Over shattered by society agendas and messages of today.

Putting a microscope on Jesus days on earth, charge and mission, is the purpose for developing the Him and Him Alone “What Does Jesus Say” Booklets: Matthew, Mark and Luke.  The teaching and learning from the synoptic verses moves the study to a three year walk with Jesus.  Teachers and students will encounter, as close as possible, what His Disciples learned and experienced first-hand from Jesus, Savior and Lord.

The recommendation is to order the Booklet set: Matthew, Mark and Luke. Matthew is comprehensive and will provide the first in a three-part biblical teaching and study series of “What Does Jesus Say”.

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