Zion International Missions Ministry Incorporated.

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Zion International Missions Ministry Incorporated (ZIMM Inc.) – is a Christian ministry founded to perform missionary services for distressed families in Central America and to provide mission villas to house mission workers who serve there. The mission villas will provide temporary housing for missionaries to worship, offer health services, and present workshops. We have now expanded our services to Africa.



Zion International Missions Ministry, Inc. is a Christian ministry, without walls, founded to perform missionary services for distressed families in Third World Countries, to provide healthcare assistance, construction, environmental support and provide living accommodations for mission workers.


       FRIENDS of ZIMM

  • City On A Hill Church, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Mount Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Sent To Serve Missionary Ministry
  • Florida A&M University, School of Pharmacology
  • Keith and Margret Pyron
  • Dr. Henry Lewis
  • The Womack Family