The true heartbeat of Zion International Mission is to transform the communities we visit by providing them with the opportunities they never imagined through the gift of an education, health care and clean water.

Who can go?

ZIMM invites people who are flexible, adaptable, healthy, possess a good sense of humor & ready to serve. We need team members who can help assemble or lift equipment, assist in preparations for events, work on days-of-events, and assist in household chores.+Leaflet | © OpenStreetMap

How much does a Mission Trip cost?

Mission team members pay for personal airfare plus a participation fee:

1 Week – TBD

2 Weeks – TBD 

Flights are available between Tampa International Airport (TPA) and International Airport (To Be Determined) with average airfare – TBD. Group rates may be available, please contact us.

Where do participants stay?

Housing is included and participants share rooms with one or more persons in a dormitory-type setting, depending upon space availability. Bring a friend!

How is the Environment?

The food and water provided will be safe and clean. The climate in Kenya is generally warm year-round and visitors are encouraged to drink plenty liquids. We also recommend that you carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you.

Plan Ahead!

PASSPORT: You need a current passport. Check with your local government agency to apply.

ZIMM FORM: Complete annually: Emergency Contact information & current Health & Medications

WHAT TO BRING: Toiletries, prescriptions, spare eyeglasses, hats, insect repellent, flashlight, extra towel, hand towels, sunblock Comfortable walking shoes, loose-fitting clothing (easily washable), no flashy jewelry

LUGGAGE: Plan to pack 1 or 2 bags of luggage. Currently, international flights allow 2 free checked bags (weight limits). Your carry-on bag should include essentials in case your luggage does not arrive with you. Also, pre-packaged snacks such as trail mix, cookies or crackers can be packed in your luggage.

Note: Pack any items that you would like to donate to village children or adults.

Project Overview

Day of Arrival: A short tour of of the City and stop at a local restaurant/grocery store before traveling to mission team housing.

Every Day: Mornings begin with prayer and a light breakfast. Team members will begin assignments for the day. Lunch time is flexible (on site or at a pre-determined location)

Every Evening: Team members will meet for prayer and dinner; discuss events that occurred during the day; receive assignments for the next day, relax & fellowship.

Sunday Worship: The team may hold an outdoor worship service or visit a local church. Recreation: Limited site-seeing, one or two days prior to departure.

Day of Departure: Morning begins with prayer; packing & finishing any remaining household chores. Light breakfast at the airport.

Register for a mission trip. Click on the download button to retrieve the registration form.