Sent to Serve Outreach

Medical Missions

ZIMM medical mission teams conduct door-to-door medical surveys to assess the health of all members of the household. The first medical survey was performed in February 2005 by Charles and Annie Ray to determine the medical needs of families in two rural villages. The data was summarized and results were submitted to the Belize Ministry of Health to assist them in identifying primary services needed in the villages.

Kid’s Dental Hygiene

Many children are victims of tooth decay at a very young age. These cases can be prevented with dental hygiene, education, and supplies to care for the teeth. Most adults over 35 in rural villages are also dealing with dental issues.
As a result of our surveys, ZIMM seeks to educate the people of these rural villages and provide the supplies necessary to help them maintain better hygiene and prevent common ailments and illnesses. We encourage and support the small medical clinic in Maskall Village, which serves Maskall as well as several neighboring villages.

Women’s Health

In May 2010, another survey was performed on the same population. A comparison of the survey results indicated that the same medical conditions of hypertension, diabetes, chronic dental and cataract issues were still prevalent. In addition, the 2010 survey addressed issues specific to women and postnatal care in more detail than the 2005 survey. The 2010 survey also found that more men were concerned about prostate cancer and enlarged prostates.