King’s College

King’s College is a private Christian high school located in the rural Lucky Strike Village. In Belize, elementary and middle school education is free, but there is a cost to attend high school. Due to this cost, many students cannot continue their education beyond middle school.

ZIMM awards academic scholarships for a full school year at King’s College to deserving students of Maskall village. We also strive to support the teachers and staff through encouragement and love – our mission teams spend time getting to know the teachers and staff and give general support to help them better serve their students.

The academic scholarships are funded by City On A Hill Church, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Zion Park Elementary School

Zion Park is a small elementary school with approximately 80 kids, located in the jungle village of Santana, Belize. The school depends on the generosity of the teachers and of friends of the school to provide basic needs such as school supplies and books. Their dedicated principal serves tirelessly to do everything she possibly can to give these kids an advantage through education. Because children learn much better on a full stomach, and many of these kids are not necessarily getting three meals a day, Zion Park provides a nutritious lunch every day for the children.
Zimm mission teams assist however they can by playing with the kids, teaching the kids to give the teachers a little break, and providing school supplies.
We are currently seeking sponsors for the children of Zion Park Elementary. The costs break down as follows below:

Sponsor: School Fees for Primary Grade students

$8.00 Yearly School Fee
$60.00 Meals, yearly fee (@$3.00 BZD per week)
$68.00 Yearly fee including meals

Sponsor: Uniform Costs

$8.50 Older Girls or Boys (per uniform)
$8.00 Younger Girls or Boys